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The most complete talent buyers directory for Las Vegas available

With 25 years experience in booking Las Vegas, we know whats going on. Now included an extensive list of record company contacts

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Listings include Las Vegas Entertainment directors at the major resorts along with comedy clubs and nightclubs.
Perfect solution for talent agents, managers,entertainers and performers that want to perform in Las Vegas.

In the past we published hard copies but found it was no way to update current changes to hard copies.Our electronic web based Las Vegas Talent Buyers directory is up to date. We also monitor any changes. It is by far the most efficient and fastest way to find out who to send your promo material to, to get booked.

Finding out who is in charge along with their contact information is difficult and time consuming.

Our directory is published by a leading Las Vegas based talent agency that has been booking Las Vegas venues for several years.

Most reputable talent agencies are not accepting any more talent submissions because their rosters are full. They also can’t submit all their entertainers.

We do want you to know that booking talent is very competitive and can be disappointing for many entertainers that try.

In our directory you will find resorts, production companies that hire and book entertainers.

We also have suggestions to increase your chances of being booked.

The fee to a one year subscription is $35.

We also have a value membership package of $50 for 5 years. That breaks down to $10 per year.

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Our directory now features clickable email and website links. You can also print the directory so you can use it without being logged in. We ask you not to share as our membership is cheap.

We offer support of any questions you may have. We offer communication through email and phone support.

Another member benefit is our referral program. We offer generous commissions for everyone person you refer to signup.

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Venue name

Venue name

1 of 9 End Tour
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Verification date

2 of 9 End Tour


3 of 9 End Tour
Contact name

Contact name

4 of 9 End Tour
Phone number

Phone number (clickable link for mobile)

5 of 9 End Tour
Contact email

Contact email (clickable link)

6 of 9 End Tour

Venue website (clickable link)

7 of 9 End Tour
Entertainment format

Entertainment format

8 of 9 End Tour
venue image

Venue image

9 of 9 End Tour